The All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) is a trade association representing 200 plus members across the country in all provinces.  The PFVA was established in year 1986, and is registered with the D.G.T.O & SECP. The Association is a purely non-political and non-profit making body.

The PFVA collects and circulates statistics and reports on important business segment of the Agro produce, i.e. Fruits & Vegetables to it’s members on regular basis. Important News articles and articles on re-search & development are also circulated among the members to keep them abreast of the latest  Italso puts across the demands, issues and needs of its members to theGovernment of Pakistan. It plays a significant role in resolving the disputes among its members as and when arise. The PFVA is also instrumental in arranging training / workshops on Fruits & Vegetables for enhancing knowledge of the members. The PFVA’s Head Office is located in Karachi and its zonal office is in Sargodha (Bhalwal).

The day to day affairs of PFVA are managed by elected members of an  Executive Committee headed by Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman and Vice – chairman as office bearers. The Executive Committee has several Sub-Committees assisting it in resolution of the various problems & issues related to the members. Each Sub-Committee is headed by a Chair and 2-3 members and it handles a specific area only. The following are Sub-Committees:

  • ANF & Customs
  •  Mangoes & Vegetables by Air
  • Potatoes
  • Kinnow
  •  Media ( Print &Electronic)
  • Finance &Admin
  • TDAP (Trade Development Authority of   Pakistan)
  • EDF / Horticulture Board
  • Quarantine
  • Kinnow Factory, CBR & Related issues in Sargodha.  

 The members of PFVA (mostly exporters) have the following facilities:

  • Pack Houses,
  • Waxing & Grading Plants,
  • Cold Storages,
  • Blast Chiller,
  • Ware Houses,
  • Hot water Treatment Plants.
  • Potato Grading Plant
  • Pulp &Concentrate plant

Members of the PFVA have following well –recognized certifications:

  • Moody
  • BRC
  • UKAS
  • ISO 22000
  • ISO:2009
  • SGS-2000
  • ISO 9001-2008
  • FDA

Foreign Accreditation
The PFVA has accreditation from the Govts. of following countries for exporting Pakistani Fruits &Vegetables:

  •  Russia
  • Iran
  • Philippine
  • China
  • Japan
  • Mauritius
  • Australia

Exporting Countries
 With aggressive marketing the PFVA has been adding feathers onit’s shining cap every year which now includes 50 countries globally while several are in the pipe line . 

Exports’ Growth
The PFVA’s extensive efforts has resulted in steady growth of its exports , commencing initially with a few million USD to phenomenal growth of  USD 625 million in year 2012-13 .  The PFVA anticipates impressiveexports’ growth in years to follow.

Future Plan

The Association is persuading the Government to further improve already available infrastructure facilities like cool chain system, reefer transport facilities, CA stores and common facility centers in all major growing areas so that as a result of that, the shelf life of Fruits &Vegetables could be increased. As part of business plan, the Association is also focusing on emerging markets and intends to capture more International markets in future.

Another important and vital element of future plan is Re-search and Development (R &D) . The PFVA firmly believes that without R&D in this segment of business (Fruits/Vegetables) , neither the exports can be enhances nor new International markets can be captured  hence keeping the R & D on top priority of it’s future plan makes logical sense . The R & D would focus on exploration of new varieties, enhancement of shelf-life and disease control in the existing products is just a few areas to mention here. 

Liaising with Agriculture Universities of high repute, the PFVA plans to establish R& D labs. in all major growing areas of the country to tap the immense potential of this segment of the Agri-business !


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