India: National recognition for new onion variety 
Published: August, 30, 2012
Seventeen years spent developing a new onion variety have proved worthwhile for farmer, Balwan Singh of Haryana. The National Innovation Foundation has recognised the variety at a national level and Singh has been honoured at a recent awards ceremony.

This onion variety named "Balwan Pyaj" has a longer shelf life as compared to other commercial varieties due to its tightly adhered bulb skin.

Per hectare the variety yields over 30 tonnes. The dark red bulb weighs between 50 and 60g.

NIF facilitated that the testing of variety at the Vegetable Research Farm, Department of Vegetable Science, Choudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana during 2010-11. According to the results, the onion variety showed significantly higher yield.

The farmer has already distributed seed of the onion to around 1,000 farmers in the region.