FIT microwaves technology conquers South America
Published: Oct. 23, 2012

Less than one year after its official launch (see previous article), Food & Innovative Technologies outlines an initial assessment on the commercial development of its technology that uses MW (microwave) for the extension of shelf life of fresh and processed fruit.
Raspberries treated in Austria on 09/08/12 and photographed on 28/08/12 after 19 days of storage in a refrigerator at +2-4 C.

After the intense international marketing activities conducted by FIT, South America won the leadership of the countries that, driven by strong growth in exports of fruit and vegetables, have decided to adopt the FIT technology to enhance their presence in markets such as the USA, Asia and Arabia; markets notoriously picky about quality and always more willing to import fruit and vegetables fresh and recognizable in the original organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.
As is known, in the FIT process and technology these features are not at all nicked, thanks to the absence of additives or chemical preservatives, usually used to compensate the long transportation journey.

In the coming weeks, at an important company in Peru, will be installed a mod. Fit2 for stabilization and preservation of the white and green asparagus ; the same company is ordering two other plants, one to treat table grapes, the other one to treat avocado.

Moreover, at the end of October, two Fit2 systems will be installed in Chile for the treatment of cherries, grapes, strawberries, berries and salads; they have been ordered by a primary holding company with production units in South America, United States and Europe.

With the help of the FIT technology, Latin American operators are also looking at ways to increase their presence in Europe and in Eastern Europe (Russia in particular), thanks to the possibility of preserving fresh products during the transportation by ship, rather than supporting the high costs of transportation by plane.
Plant Fit 2.

In a particularly difficult economic context such as the one we are living now, we must also appreciate the efforts made by some Italian operators to adopt FIT technology with the aim to face new markets and meet the needs of the customers, which are paying more and more attention to the quality, the freshness and healthiness of food products (including fruit and vegetables), rather than the quantity.

By the end of 2012, the FIT will complete the entire sales network for the global development of MW technology; this network already has distributors and / or agents operating in Italy, South America (Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru in the head), Germany, Austria, England, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa and Australia. Do not hesitate to contact FIT for any further information useful to make contact directly with the referents of commercial area / country.

Whoever is interested in seeing the installed system and acquire all technical and commercial details can ask for information about the possibility of joining the FIT in Peru during the period 6th 13th of September 2012.

Moreover, during the next edition of MACFRUT, scheduled in Cesena (Italy) on 26th 28th of September 2012, the referents of FIT will be glad to meet with you to better explain the different solutions that the company offers.

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