'Patented packing method doubles shelf life’
Published: August, 30, 2012

Peakfresh is a patented new method to prolong the shelf life of fresh produce. By adding certain minerals to plastic packaging material shelf life is said to double. “This procedure offers exciting new possibilities when it comes to shifting or prolonging harvest seasons,” says Jan van der Mey, a Dutch developer who sells the packing on European, African and South American markets.
The unique plastic wrapping material is interwoven, as it were, by minerals that adapt themselves to the product within the packing. This increases sustainability by at least a 100%. The method is also introduced in floriculture, and with noticeable success.
http://www.freshplaza.com/2012/0824/brocolli.jpgPopular at the moment are Peakfresh’s pallet covers. “Very often, a product comes in that is overripe , or lacking in quality somehow. This is costly, to the grower and to the distributor. Remote destinations are also an issue. Not every customer will accept the product of a long sea voyage, so expensive air fright has to be used. Our pallet covers prevent loss of quality, an option that is of course hugely interesting in times when claims and lawsuits dominate the sector.”
Van der Mey, employed at Freshlink in Amsterdam (his day job), concedes that it can be difficult convincing distributors of the benefits of his method. But things are slowly catching on: “We are getting increasing patronage from exporters to far-away destinations,” he says.
For more information: jan@peakfresh.com