US: USB temperature recorder provides digital temperature monitoring
Published: September 19, 2012
Cargo Data Corp. announces introduction of its Quality USB temperature recorder. This compact digital temperature recorder is perfect for all perishable shipments, whether by land, air, or sea. Quality USBís universal mini USB 2.0 connection does not require any proprietary cables or adapters and simplifies downloading data to a computer.

Quality USB is equipped with a built-in LCD that allows Receivers and QA Inspectors to view temperature data without connection to a computer. Using Cargo Dataís free KoldLink software, Quality USB data can be viewed in detail, printed, archived, and emailed from the software. Quality USBís universal connectivity allows shippers to finally discontinue use of obsolete paper strip chart recorders.

"Many features are integrated into this very compact digital temperature recorder" said Roger Niebolt, Sales Manager at Cargo Data Corp. "Quality USB is small enough to place inside a shipper carton and is provided in a food safe moisture-protective pouch to keep it clean and dry. This makes Quality USB the perfect recorder for iced, wet, and corrosive shipments."

Quality USB is optimized for use with Cargo Dataís free KoldLink software. KoldLink can automatically upload the Quality USBís data to Cargo Dataís secure website at Using the unique recorder ID number, any involved party can view, download, and/or print the temperature chart directly from the website -anywhere in the world. This free, optional feature means exporters/shippers no longer need to track down fax/email copies of temperature charts.

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