Offloading of mango consignments: PIA chairman urged to take instant action

Published: June 14, 2016

All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) has shown serious concern over the offloading of mango consignments and urged the chairman PIA to take immediate action to avoid millions of dollars losses to the national exchequer. According to a letter written by Waheed Ahmed, Chairman PFVA, to Muhammad Azam Saigol, Chairman PIA on June 13, 2016, while the government is striving hard to enhance exports, the casual attitude of national flag carrier is leading to several "offloadings" just at the start of mango season.

Referring to a meeting with the PIA officials, the letter said that a delegation comprising of leading exporters of mango met the GM Cargo PIA at his office on June 6, 2016 and conveyed exporters' serious concern on offloadings, which is causing huge financial losses to the exporters and making it difficult to keep their firm grip on the UK market.

It was very clearly explained during the meeting by the PFVA that due to offloading exporters are facing difficulties to survive in this lucrative market. The PFVA also spelled out the issue of non-availability of pallets and containers which subsequently leads to "offloading". During the meeting, the GM Cargo assured the PFVA's delegation that henceforth (June 6, 2016) there would be no offloading as some internal "technical issues" leading to these offloadings had been sorted out and further confirmed availability of pallets and containers as well.

However, despite this assurance by the GM Cargo offloading of mango export consignments is still continued and some 15 tons mango was offloaded during last three days. Some six (6) tons of mango "offloaded" on June 11, 2016 at Karachi from PK-787 destined to UK. The reason of this "offloading" stated by PIA was "non-availability of pallets and containers. While, on June 12, 2016 another mango export consignment of nine ton (9) was "offloaded" being dispatched for UK and the reason was the same.

According to the letter, the PFVA immediately informed the GM cargo about this unpleasant issue reminding him of his "firm commitment" of no further offloading. "It was being anticipated that being a sensitive issue, the PFVA would be responded immediately and corrective measures would be taken to ensure no further offloading however neither e-mail was responded nor any action was taken to avoid further offloading", it added.

As the offloading issue has become so serious that forced the PFVA to bring this issue into kind attention of the chairman PIA aimed to get it resolved immediately. The chairman PFVA said that it is a big question that why PIA does not take corrective measures prior to the commencement of mango season. Due to offloadings exporters are suffering huge losses, the PFVA has urged PIA to play an active role in enhancing the country's mango exports and avoiding losses.

"We sincerely anticipate initiation of an immediate action from the chairman PIA to ensure no further offloading takes place so that neither the exporters nor the country is deprived of valuable foreign exchange, the country desperately needs," the letter concluded.