Published: September 10, 2016

KARACHI: Russian Federation Consul General Oleg N. Avdeev said on Friday the issue of valuation by the Russian Customs regarding the import of Pakistani kinno and potato will be discussed in a meeting of the inter-governmental commission in Moscow before the end of 2016.

He asked the Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) to send its representative to the meeting to highlight the issue.

The consul general was responding to the issues raised by PFVA Chairman Waheed Ahmed, which included facilitation for the one-year multiple visa for exporters and the unrealistic valuation of kinno and potato by the Russian Customs.

Mr Avdeev assured the PFVA that he will look into the issues brought to his attention, adding that he will extend full support to help exporters enhance the exports of kinno and potato to Russia.

The PFVA chairman said the absence of a banking channel between Pakistan and Russia is one of the major reasons for the stagnant volume of bilateral trade.

“There is a need to set up a banking channel soon.” He requested Mr Avdeev to allow all companies registered with the PFVA to export potato to Russia instead of restricting it to a few players only.

Mr Ahmed hoped bilateral trade will rise to $1 billion from $390 million within one year of the establishment of a banking channel.

He also invited the Russian Quarantine Department to send a delegation to inspect the quality of products and other arrangements in Pakistan.