Published: May 26, 2013

KARACHI: Pakistan exported its first shipment of mangoes on Saturday, the All-Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Importers-Exporters and Merchants Association (PFVA) said on Saturday. 

“Pakistan has successfully made its first export shipment of mangoes as the season kicks off in the country,” said PFVA Chairman Waheed Ahmed. 

The 400 ton shipment was dispatched to various destinations worldwide including the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. 

“Some 70 percent of the 400 ton shipment was exported through sea routes via Port Qasim, while the remaining 30 percent was dispatched through the airways from different airports of the country,” Ahmed added. 

Ahmed said an export target of 175,000 tons has been set for this year, adding that the country may fetch $60m in foreign exchange if the target is met. 

He went on to add that mango production was expected at 1.55 million tons – a 20 percent decrease when compared to mango production in 2012. 

The PFVA chairman said exporters would mainly focus on exports to Australia, Japan, South Korea, the US, Mauritius and Lebanon markets, adding that initiatives would be taken to uplift the quality of Pakistani mangoes to increase exports. 

Furthermore, Ahmed said that the association held a meeting on Saturday with commerce secretary, Munir Qureshi, to commence the export of mangoes to Japan this season. 

Officials of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan also attended the meeting and assured its full support in achieving the set goal of exporting the fruit to Japan from this year, he said. 

At present, Pakistan is exporting mangoes to at least 40 countries including Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Island, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Lebanon and others. 

The varieties being exported by Pakistan include Sindhri, Sunhaira, Fajri, Began Phali, Summar Chaunsa, Black Chanusa and White Chaunsa.—Salman Siddiqui