PFVA sets 0.3m tonnes target for kinnow export

Published: December 01, 2013

KARACHI: Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchant Association (PFVA) has set the target of kinnow export at 300,000 tonnes this year. The association had exported at least 235,000 tonnes kinnow worth $140 million last year against the fixed target of 200,000 tonnes. 

According to PFVA spokesman Waheed Ahmed, export process will kick off from December 1, 2013. The production of the fruit is expected to be 2.1 million tonnes this year against the previous figure of 1.8 million tonnes, however the crop is likely to be damaged in some areas which might slightly affect the overall production.

He said that increase in target by 100,000 tonnes this year was mainly made because of an expected jump in exports to Russia and Indonesia. The export figure of 300,000 tonnes might even cross if the lucrative market of Iran is tapped followed by an expected relaxation in banking process after improving relations between Iran and the US.

He said that the country would get at least $180 million revenue if the targeted export of 300,000 tonnes kinnow was met this year. 

Ahmed feared the cost of exports was expected to be increased by 15 to 20 percent due to hike in petroleum prices, affecting cost of transportation, logistic, packaging, labour and products. This would also create a stiff competition with rival countries producing the same fruit, in the international market, he added. 

It was encouraging that after signing preferential trade agreement with Indonesia, export to the country is expected to witness a jump this year as the foreign countries have a market of 40,000 tonnes kinnow for Pakistan after Russia and Iran which are markets of 82,000 tonnes and 80,000 tonnes, respectively. 

In case the Iranian market remain closed this year, Pakistan might face losses worth $40 million in terms of revenue. 

Ahmed has however linked the target of export with favourable law and order situation in the country besides, closed cooperation among exporters, shipping companies, quarantine department, customs and other concerned government organisations. Exports had faced huge losses due to long strikes of goods transporters. 

He said that export to Russia would hopefully start by December 8, after removing the restrictions imposed by Moscow.