Lady finger is a common vegetable seen in the local markets. It is cooked in a different ways, in different parts of the world. The vegetable can be steamed, seasoned and even added to soups. The goodness of lady finger is not something that people have only realised recently. The value of the lady finger has been proclaimed and advocated for years.

The vegetable is popular for its diuretic properties. It has been used in the treatment of urinary tract infections for many years now and in many countries of the world. Besides this, lady finger is used as the base for poultices, as a sudorific and emollient and an antiscorbutic. It is also used effectively in the cure of dysuria. The vegetable is used extensively as a plasma replacement and blood volume expander.

In many underdeveloped countries, the lady finger is being made a mandatory part of the daily diet for the undernourished, by the supervising authorities like the UNO and other voluntary organizations. The vegetable, when boiled, becomes slimy and thick. This pulpy form is used to add body to soups and other dishes. This green 'wonder' is excellent for health and is now a popular additive to many alternative healthcare treatments too.